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1:1 coaching



Helen provided a calm, welcoming, nonjudgmental space for me to talk through and make sense of my emotions and used a range of techniques to gently and respectfully challenge unhelpful thought patterns. She guided and empowered me to put together an ‘emotional toolkit’ of strategies that I will be able to draw on in future.

I have many years experience in career and leadership coaching.

Coaching is different to counselling as it is more directed and goal-orientated, but it uses many of the same basic principles as counselling like encouraging self-awareness, self-acceptance and reflection.

We start with counselling sessions to uncover awareness of your self and to work deeply into what needs to change for you.

Then we identify your specific goals and create a path to help you reach them.

Please contact me on if you could like to find out more.

emotional well-being

Emotional wellbeing at work allows us to connect with others, feel that we belong and gives us a secure base from which to thrive and engage with our role, our team, our organisation and our clients.

There are two ways I can help:


1. Mental Health awareness

Through a series of workshops we will maximise the emotional well-being of people at work and to provide information and advice on support services that are available within the community and via charities and other organisations. 

2. Interactive Workshops that maximise inclusivity, belonging and thriving alongside colleagues and clients:

  • The Big Listen: listen like someone is talking

  • Communicating without Conflict

  • Resilience Toolkit

  • From Surviving to Thriving - how we all succeed together

Please contact me on if you are interested in hearing more about this service. 


Our sessions with Helen were excellent and really helped to provide the emotional and well being support that our staff needed. Helen tailored bespoke sessions to meet our needs.


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