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A little bit about me

I believe wholeheartedly that counselling can provide an accepting, open and non-judgemental environment that facilitates a discovery of who we are. This self-discovery can itself be healing and can help people overcome distress or challenging life situations.

Before becoming a counsellor I worked within businesses helping with organisation development, change management, people development and HR as well as mentoring and coaching.

Having my own personal counselling has enriched my life and I chose to become a counsellor in order to offer the same possibilities to others.

How I work

I work in a non-directive, open way and in collaboration with you.

Counselling is not about being helped by someone else who suggests solutions to your problems, it is a journey of discovery we make together about who you are, what isn't working for you at the moment and what might start to make a difference.

At it's most basic level counselling is a place where you have space and time to focus on you.

Areas I work with:



Coping with chronic illness


Working with the elderly

Working with young adults

Divorce, seperation, relationship issues

Body image and self harm

Stress and work-related stress

Helen Kewell

PG Dip Humanistic Pscyhotherapeutic Counselling

One of my specific areas of interest is working with the elderly. If you'd like to read my recent article in Therapy Today on this subject and find out more about how I work please click the icon here.

Location: My private practice is based in East Grinstead

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